EZ V-Select Cartridges.


Læs hvad tatovøer i hele verden mener om den nye nål.


V-Select Cartridges
Powered by the V-System, V-Select Cartridge features with precise positioning system and elastic membrane to generate 
the extreme performance for tattooing.

Elastic Membrane
It balance the tension of the membrane to present smooth and optimum saturation on the skin in every hitting

Precise Positioning System
V-Select exclusive precise positioning system insulates the vibration of the needle for added precision to create the exact movement 
and instruct the exact pixel the way you want.

Ink Flow Evolution
The new innovative V-shaped design has drastically reduced the potential ink spillage problem by 80% and has enchanced 
the overall ink saturation by more than 20%
This means less ink wastage and better coverage.

Ergonomic Handle Design
The side of the V-Select Cartridges has been ergonomically designed with comfort and ease of use in mind.
Making it a pleasure to work with and use

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