77266 - Carbon Black - Tatto Ink.


The vegan carbon black 77266 tattoo colors from H-A-N in Esslingen (Germany) include a palette of 13 black shades.
Due to the very fine color gradations with seven sumi, two liners and three fillers, there should be the personally matching individual black for every tattoo artist.

The Carbon Black Tattoo Inks are available in 50ml or 100ml bottles. They fulfill the criteria of the German and the Swiss Tattoo Regulation
and are marketable for Europe according to Resolution ResAP (2008) 

Se Farvekort nr.1  her.                  Se Farvekort  nr.2 her. 
Farverne fra 1 til 7 er gode greywash/skygge farver.
Farverne  8 & 9 er gode liner farver.
Farverne fra 10 til 12 er gode fylde/filler farver.