Soba Brass Clipper Shader

Soba Brass Clipper Shader

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Model/Varenr.: woho010
Vægt: 0.4 kg.
New! SOBA Brass Clipper Shader, classically inspired, cast in Navy Brass, antiqued finish, Phenolic Coil Washers, Natural Amber coil wire to match frame, with a farther forward upright to balance weight over hand.

Clipper Shader has 8 wrap 1 1/4 coils with an inlayed yoke, side by side rear binder, long stroke, pushes 7's to 11's, with an ease of use for a wide range of pigment viscosity. 110-115 Hz at 7 V. 9 oz.
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ISBN Nummer http://www.coldsteel.dk/3d/25-spin25/