A Pound of Flesh Silicone Synthetic hoved narturlig str.

A Pound of Flesh Silicone Synthetic hoved narturlig str.

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A Pound of Flesh Silicone Synthetic hoved - Almost like the real Thing!!!! 

"A Pound of Flesh" is a silicone/rubber based synthetic hand created to replicate the experience of tattooing a client's real hand. Its main purpose is to help an apprentice and beginning tattoo artist learn tattooing techniques under real conditions, without having to practice -- and make mistakes -- on real people.

More experienced artists can also use A Pound of Flesh, whether to practice new techniques or sample new equipment. The hands can also showcase an artist's work in a unique 3D portfolio. Prospective clients will better judge an artist's true skill and craft, seeing the work firsthand, so to speak, rather than just lifeless on paper.

Stencil Application:

We found using thermal fax paper for stencils along with stencil stuff for application works best. After placing the stencil, spray a thin coat of an aerosol hairspray and let dry overnight. DO NOT let it dry for more than a day, or it can become permanent. When drawings directly onto the hand with a skin scribe or markers, use the hairspray and still let dry overnight. 
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